Privacy policy.

Data usage

The bot may store data, which is listed below. This is used for various functions, including but not limited to: Creating tickets, assigning members to tickets, displaying data on the website, etc.

There is no use of the data outside of the aforementioned purposes. The data will not be shared with any third party and will be provided exclusively for the use of the bot. Exception: We reserve the right, after our own review, to share the data with third parties, if there are concerns about possible crimes or use of the product against our guidelines, or to view it ourselves through volunteers.

Stored data

The bot can automatically save or create the following data when invited to a new Discord server, during the login process, or when using the dashboard later:

  • The server id
  • The role ids for Staff, Admin roles, etc.
  • The channel ids for logging channels, ticket channels
  • The user ids for staff permissions and possible sanction for users who violate our guidelines
  • Ticket informations like name, id, user and messages in the ticket for providing transcripts
  • The messages that are sent in tickets
  • Transcript files to report possible malicious intent and enable the transcript function
  • Other information to enable the deployment of the bot

Usually, no other data is stored except the above, there are special cases at any time, which are made after consultation. Neither the user nor the owner or other third party can access this data.

Data collection

Data is automatically collected and stored when an end user uses the bot or manually adds the bot to a server. By creating a ticket, the user automatically agrees that we capture data about new messages in that ticket and store it for a maximum of 2 weeks. Capturing data in tickets only takes place when the transcript feature is manually turned on by an administrator of the server. We do not assume any responsibility for the data captured in tickets. This is entirely up to the owner of the server.

Data modification

Data can be changed by users at any time when using certain functions, such as the dashboard or using certain commands/buttons.

Updating data requires input from an end user to make data that is potentially sensitive, such as the content of a message, available to other functions.

The system can delete data by itself after a certain time or modify a certain entry like the expiration of the entry. The data is not read out for this purpose, but modified. The deletion of an entry, value or file is considered as a change or modification.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to delete or modify data at any time if our guidelines are not followed.

No other actions can update, view or delete the stored information at any given time.

Temporarily stored data

The bot can keep the stored information in an internal cache for a certain time. The data is usually deleted every few months to ensure the security of your data. This does not include database entries for servers, because without them it is not possible to use the bot.

After this period, the cached information is deleted and only added again manually by the end user if needed.

Data can be prematurely deleted from the cache by actions such as removing the bot from a server.

Data removal

If the end user wishes to have their data deleted, they can contact us. This is possible by sending an email to [email protected]. When contact is made, at the request of the owner of the data, all data concerning the end user will be deleted.

We reserve the right to automatically delete user and ticket data after a maximum of one month. This includes only user affected and confidential data. In the cache we only store a user id to display user specific data on the website.

Data about servers is deleted automatically only after the bot of a server is removed or upon direct request. The bot creates new data about the server when it is used again on the server or added again to it by an end user.